Hamilton Planetarium Scholarship Fund, Inc.

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Trustees of the Fund

Thomas Wm. Hamilton, HOSS Planetarium, Staten Island, NY

Sheldon Schafer, Director, Peoria Riverfront Museum Planetarium, Peoria, IL

Pam Eastlick, Director, University of Guam Planetarium, Agana, Guam


Note:  Trustees must have a minimum of five years experience in the planetarium field to qualify.  The founding trustees, above, had 42, 35, and 17 years experience when the Fund was incorporated.  Trustees serve for a maximum of nine years.

In the event of a vacancy the remaining trustees are authorized to appoint a new trustee(s) meeting the qualifications.  If they do not act within 90 days, or if all three trusteeships fall vacant, the Presidents of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association (GLPA), Middle Atlantic Planetarium Association (MAPS), Pacific Planetarium Association (PPA), Southeast Planetarium Association (SEPA), and Southwest Planetarium Association (SWAP) may appoint a qualified new Trustee.  No one who is President-elect, President, or immediate Past President of GLPA, MAPS, PPA, SEPA or SWAP may serve as a Trustee.

There is also a stand in who will help judge applications should one of the Trustees have a conflict.  This stand in  is Sam Storch, a Florida resident with experience in the field since about 1974.