Hamilton Planetarium Scholarship Fund, Inc.

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1 a)  Full Name                                    b) Birth Date

2) Address

3 a) Landline                          b) cell                            c) email

4) Institution you attend or wish to attend as preparation for entering the planetarium profession.  Include full address


Please have the appropriate office send us a certified copy of your most recent transcript.  If you are still in high school, it would be a high school transcript.  Your application is not complete until this is received.  Mail to the Fund at 153 Arlo Road, Staten Island, NY 10301.

5)  What are the nearest planetariums to your home and to your school? (Include addresses) If your educational institution(s) have a planetarium, what is the Director's name?


6) What experiences have you had in the planetarium field to date?


7) Why do you wish to work in the planetarium field?


8) What talents do you have that are of value to the planetarium profession?


9) What non-traditional, out-of-the-box experiences have you had that might relate to your suitability for the planetarium profession in a peripheral yet significant way?


10) Planetarium presentations often deal with controversial issues, both ones that are resolved and ones still current.  Some examples are Ptolemy versus Copernicus, Galileo versus the Church, the identity of the Star of Bethlehem, climate change, UFOs, and the Great Debate between Heber Curtis and Harlow Shapley. Tell us how you would incorporate or explain a controversial issue (not necessarily one of those included in our examples) in a planetarium show, keeping always in mind that some of the audience will misunderstand anything you say, others may be offended, and some may try to argue the issue with you.  Please note that we do NOT want your opinion on the issue you choose, just how you would deal with it in a planetarium.  Indicate any special effects you think would aid this presentation.



11)  Have you any other experience in the astronomical field?  (Do not mention courses that appear on your transcript.)

Please take as much space as you need for answering any of the above questions.

The scholarship includes a one year free membership in the International Planetarium Society, and in the regional planetarium association of your choice.  If there is a difference, would you prefer the regional that covers your home address, or the regional for your educational institution?

Decisions on grants are made solely by the Trustees of the Fund.